Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard ...is pictured here at a vacation spot in Oregon during a tour with the now famous "Millennium Riders."  The picture was taken by a professional photographer and motorcycle companion, Ed Driscoll ("Fast Eddie" from Houston, Texas).  
"A wonderful father, an unbelievable singer, interesting, smart, honest,
and hilarious!" says Jerry's youngest daughter 

Today Dr. Bernard is... 

...grows weekly.  This is the most exciting and successful ministry that Dr. Bernard has been involved in.  This outreach ministry is supported only by tax-deductible gifts.  The group has grown to over 1000+ students.


I Believe...

...that we have in our hands copies of a Bible that is described by the Apostle Paul as "God breathed."  That is, it was breathed into the lives of humanity by God.  The breath of God gives life.  For the first man of redemption, Adam became a living being when God breathed into a body.  The authenticity and authority of an aspired Bible is the very foundation of an inspired Family of Believers.  Even if it would be admitted by the world that Christ is deity, there is no certain way of knowing that truth about Christ or the way of salvation; no assurance of Heaven and eternity; no sweet promises; no way to know the Believer's duty to grow character or preach the Gospel.  In the aspired writings Christ was the manifestation of the invisible God and that fact can only be settled by the Bible.  If there is no Bible, there is no Christ, no salvation, no Christianity.  To understand the Bible, one must spend time getting to know... to whom the passage was written; who was speaking; what the context of the passage is and what happened just before the event in the passage.  And... do not leave out the time frame when all of this happened.  This is the best way to understand most passages in the Scriptures.

I Believe...

...that salvation is by and through the death, entombment, resurrection, ascension, seated in heaven (in the Father's rights) and arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Anyone who rests in and upon the finished work of Christ is in the Family of God.  This Identification with God through Christ is not a personal association with clergy, ordinances, baptisms or organizations.  It is an identification with Christ through the operation of God.

I Believe...

...that our responsibility is to reach out in love to fallen humanity and bring to it to the knowledge of a Savior, Jesus Christ.

I Believe...

...that the New Testament teaches that the Kingdom of God is a present reality and gives power and answers to finding the Will of the Father for our lives in this age.


Dr. Jerry Bernard has retired from traveling in full time evangelism and is now living in Southern California.  As a hobby, he is a HOG member of Harley Davidson's Lancaster, California Group and rides a Classic Soft Tail Harley with a "96 cubic inch stroker engine."  He is called "Rev" for two reasons... his powerful Harley and gentile witness for Christ. 

The Harley hobby is a joy for Jerry.  He has to pull himself away from his studies to ride.  However, the Bible goes with him.  Every other year, he joins with the Millennium Riders to tour the United States.  You have to be in good shape to keep up with these guys from Texas. 

Jerry and his first granddaughter, Ashlynn are seated on the "supped up" Harley.  The sport she plays is Basketball.  Ashlynn is a Jazz and ballet dancer and plays the guitar, violin and keyboard.  She was a cheer leader with Cal Storm at Lupin Hill Elementary.  Today (October 2009), Jerry is pictured, sitting beside Ashlynn at a family dinner.  

For Dr. Bernard, these days are filled with Bible study and answering complicated questions from a large group of over 1000 Bible students.  Never before have we needed so many answers to what Christianity is and where we go to from here.

Since his retirement from "full time evangelism" in 1990, he joined the board of Scripture Research, Inc., PO Box 51716, Riverside, CA 92517 and continues his writing.  If you are interested in printed material on a subject you are presently studying, write to SR, Inc. and request that information.  We will be happy to send the material to you at no cost to you.  

Publish America has published Dr. Bernard's, "A Man & Two Trees."  You may go on line and purchase it at a reduced price.  Click PublishAmerica

Dr. Bernard is writing material on the presence of Christ from a position of the past "Arrival of Messiah."  Four large volumes are now available on a CD for the computer: "The Sign" - The end of Old Testament economy in C.E.70.  "The Source" - The beginning of the Jews in Ezekiel's day.  "The Judean" - The origin of the twenty-first century Jew.  "The Silence" - The years after the powerful New Testament (Acts period) time ending in AD 70.   

For a tax deductible gift ($20.00), we will send (four volumes) CD to you.  The "unMasked" CD can be read on your computer.  To order, click here. ...or send a check for $20.00 to JWBE, inc. - PO Box 202 - Montrose, CA 91021.

The book w/CD, "A Preterist Looks At... "Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory" is available for a gift of $10.00.  

The Bible Study Group that Dr. Bernard conducts over the Internet is an exchange of questions and answers from a large base of students.  Anyone can join the discussions by contacting Dr. Bernard at biblestudy@jerrybernard.com and will become a part of the E-Mail Bible Study Group.  Questions are asked and Dr. Bernard sends it out to a very capable group to discuss the question.  Not everyone agrees in the group.  So, the answers vary and will supply the students with new thoughts for a deeper and further study.  Anyone is welcome to join (free) by sending your name and e-mail address.

A Little History

The First 33 Years

1937 - It was January 18th that ... with his father Henry sitting beside him, Edsel Ford drives the 25,000,000th Ford off the assembly line at the firm's River Rouge plant in Michigan.  With some 100 company executives, they watched as the car began with nothing more than a frame and finished as a cream-colored sedan with chrome wheels.  On the other side of the United States, Dulcie Edith Williams and Robert Henry Middleton had a fifteen year old daughter (Robbie Lee kneeling by her baby) who had become pregnant and left home and school to go to a small Nazarene Home for Unwed Women in Pilot Point, (West) Texas.  At the age of four weeks, her baby was adopted by Floyd and Alice Bernard.  They lived in the oil fields of East Texas and had tried three unsuccessful times to adopt a child.  Alice had a nine year old daughter (Kathrine) from a previous marriage.  Floyd was an oil field (tank) gauger for Humble Oil Pipe Line.  Alice was a flapper.  Boy, did they love each other!  They changed Joe Ed's name to Jerry Wayne and very early, they told him that he was "a chosen child."  That was one of the wonderful things throughout their years.

1948 - The Bernards were invited to go to a summer tent revival in Richmond, Texas by some friends at the First Baptist Church.  Chief White Eagle was the Evangelist for this week long tent meeting.  Jerry understood "forgiveness of sins" during one of the services.  The verse that opened his eyes to that fact was John 1:12.  It was his conversion from "not knowing" to a full understanding that his personal sins were forgiven.  His desire to "know more of Him" consistently grew throughout the coming years.

1952 - An entertainer came to the White Oak High School and so impressed Jerry that he decided to become an entertainer.  Jerry began dancing lessons and studied under Johnny Stanley at the Advanced Summer Workshop School of Dance, voice lessons and booking his own "gigs."  The White Oak High School Band was very popular and took many summer trips to perform.  Jerry entertained during the half-time of the Band's performances.  At this time, Floyd began teaching Bible class at the Missionary Baptist Church in White Oak, Texas.  The family did not have very much in terms of possessions.  However, that was no "big deal."  Jerry worked hard at perfecting his act at the keyboard and dance floor and was in demand.  He polished his timing for comedy at Lion's Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Elk's Club meetings...... anything that had a meeting.... He was there performing.  He didn't know what to charge the Clubs.... so, when they asked him the price.... He said, "How long of a program do you want?"  If they said, "Fifteen minutes!" ... Jerry would come back, "Fifteen dollars."  30 min. = $30, etc.  It sounded good to everyone.  So, that became the price.

1954 - The famous White Oak Band was invited to march in the Lion's International Convention Parade in New York City.  After the long parade, the band members went down to the basement of the Taft Hotel, where Vincent Lopez and his orchestra was playing.  The students asked if Jerry could sing with the band.  Vincent announced that a Texas visitor would sing with his Latin band.  Jerry was pushed up to the platform by some students.  Jerry began singing, "My Friend" and the band joined in.  That night, a talent scout for United Artist was sitting in the audience.  He heard Jerry sing and offered him a contract to make films in Hollywood.  Jerry said, "I will have to think about it."  When the band returned home, Jerry began to pray about this decision.  As he prayed, he asked GOD what He would have him do.  The next thing, Jerry was fighting the possibility of becoming a minister of the Gospel.  The summer of '54, Jerry surrendered to the ministry.  The Church licensed him to the ministry and Jerry began holding meetings all over East Texas.    

1955 - Jerry entered Baylor University to study for the ministry.  The easiest route for him was to major in Christian Music.  So, he went for a BM Degree and studied opera under Tina Piazza (Voice Technique & Performance).  These next few years were his greatest challenge.  News had reached Baylor that Jerry had been an entertainer. The opportunities to entertain became great.  Other colleges invited him to entertain on their "Pig Skin Reviews."  Every football game gave Jerry another opportunity to entertain.  Entertainment and Ministry were doubling up on each other.  However, one was going to win out.  Those who heard him and understood his desire to serve God, started praying for him.

1957 - This summer, Jerry met Gaylon Fussell in Houston, Texas.  She was attending the University of Houston.  They dated that summer and both enrolled in Baylor University for their second year of studies.  Gaylon was very popular on campus through her singing for programs.  In November, Jerry was involved in a car accident that almost took his life.  This gave Jerry time to rethink his life.  When Jerry recovered, he went back to classes and grew much closer to GOD and Gaylon.  They decided to marry in the near future.  And Jerry began to hold revival crusade meetings.

1958 - Jerry left Baylor to enter full time evangelism leading the music in crusades with Paul Carlin.  Kilgore Baptist Church ordained Jerry to the ministry.  This year, he and Paul conducted forty-three crusades.  Jerry returned to Baylor for one day... to marry his college sweetheart, Gaylon.  On May 21st, they married about an hour after Gaylon finished tests in her last class for that year.  Jerry only had enough money in his pocket for gas.  They went on their honeymoon in a revival meeting.  Time would not permit any other scenario for them.  Jerry and Gaylon rented a house in Longview, Texas and Jerry became the Music Director of the Valley View Baptist Church.

1959 - Their first daughter was born on May 26th: Robyn Renee' Bernard (on the right in picture).  A year later, Jerry and Gaylon moved to Garland where he became the Music and Youth Director of the 3,000 member, Miller Road Baptist Church.  They bought their first house for $10,000.00 on East Vista Street.  The next year (1960), Jerry found his "birth mother" and family he had never known.  This was a great blessing in his and Gaylon's life.

1961 - Jerry enters full time evangelism again.  Jerry and Joe Boyd team up to start churches across the Southland of Texas.  Jerry's and Gaylon's second daughter was born on September 30th: Crystal Lynn Bernard.  These next years, Jerry and Joe travel to towns where there were no Baptist Churches.  They set up this big green tent and start a six week crusade which closed by starting a church.  Several churches were organized and called pastors.  The following year, Jerry and Joe Boyd set up the tent in Pasadena, Texas and start an Independent Baptist Church.  

1963 - Jerry, Gaylon and the two girls move to Houston, Texas where Jerry becomes the co-founder (with Freddie Gage) and Director of Houston's first drug rehab Center, "Teen Liberators."  He was later elected to the exe. board of directors in 1975.  It then changed it's name to "Pulpit in the Shadows," and later became "Boys Town."

1966 - Jerry becomes the Music Director and Associate Pastor of the large Broadway Baptist Church in Houston.  Gaylon begins teaching the fourth grade in the Broadway Baptist Schools and soon becomes the most popular teacher.  In later years, many students recalled, "That year under the teaching of Mrs. Bernard was the best year of my life."  Gaylon was one of those gifted teachers.  It came natural to her and she loved the children.  

1968 - Jerry was invited to become Vice-Pres. of "Ambassadors for Christ and Country."  This organization takes Jerry into twenty different foreign countries as missionary, musician and minister.  Because of Jerry's beginning studies into Jewish history, he conducts tours through Israel.  He studies ancient history and archeology.  The founder and president of Texas School of Theology (Pasadena, TX) asked Jerry to write a paper so that the School could bestow upon him an Honorary Doctor Degree.  Jerry's travels abroad delayed this honor.  

1969 - Jerry returns to the United States and enters full time evangelism again.  Jerry is invited to become Trustee of the School Board of the Broadway Baptist School.  Gaylon is still teaching the fourth grade in that school.  At the request of many church musicians, Jerry establishes a Gospel Recording Label and Company in Houston.  He creates a label for church musicians to record for.  After the tremendous success of the company, a man from Dallas gives Jerry a call.  They meet and Jerry gives out all his secrets, contacts and how to create a recording company.  The man goes back to Dallas and another successful recording company is created.  This year, Paul Carlin (owner of a successful printing company) asks Jerry to be the soloist in the production and creation of a Sacred Recording with the Houston Symphony in Houston's famous Music Hall.  A live album was produced from this concert.  During the years '69 to '72, Jerry records seventeen long play Gospel music albums for Lamb Records of Houston, TX; Rainbow Records of Dallas, TX and Skylight Records of Nashville, TN.  These recordings are sold over TV programs and during City Wide Crusades.  Several hundred thousand albums were sold during the following years.  Some could not understand how a young man could accomplish so much is such a short time.  Jerry always attributed his success to prayer, friends and the Power of God in his life.

The Next 33 Years

Jerry & Gaylon arrive at Airport to begin a trip.  

Years of Honorable Recognition

1970 - Gaylon gives birth to her third daughter, Scarlett Lane.  They named her after visiting a beautiful garden of scarlet roses with a path through its wonder and magic.  The Bernards filled their yard with roses soon after that.  This year Jerry is chosen as one of the Asia Baptist Evangelists for the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  South Viet Nam and Mainland China is on his tour.  He is invited by Col. Fulton of the 12th Airborne Division of the Army and Adm. King (head of all naval operations) to return to South Viet Nam to sing for and entertain the soldiers in the "fire batteries" and "ships."  Jerry never returned because of the escalation of war.  Toward the end of the year, Jerry embarked upon another successful tour through the Holy Land, Israel.  

1971 - Angelique is born the forth daughter of Jerry and Gaylon.  More tours to Israel are planned for the next few years.  While performing with their father in a church in Indianapolis, Ind., Robyn and Crystal sang, "I'm No Kin To The Monkey."  Representatives from BBC heard them sing and filmed them in a religious documentary, entitled "The Long Search."  It was broadcast on PBS stations across the U.S.A.  They performed the song again and again on 500 TV stations which brought considerable and favorable response.  Chuck Stuart, a close friend of country-western singer, Bobbie Gentry saw the girls performing during a service and recommended them to Gentry.  The performer had the girls audition and then scheduled them for her show in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in June 1978, along with comedian Jim Stafford.  They were asked to sign a contract for their own show.  The girls had other plans.

 1975 - Jerry is written up in The 1975-76 edition of WHO'S WHO in RELIGION.  The '70s were good years for evangelism.  A lady by the name of Greta Stuart became the contact person for Jerry's schedule.  She began to talk with Pastors across America and the meetings were booked.  Jerry averaged 40 Crusades a year - during 10 months of each year.  The other months were spent over seas and in Gospel Concerts.  Jerry's Concert Tours would keep him on the road for 20 days of each month during the off months of the year.

1977 - Jerry purchases a GMC bus to carry all his sound equipment to concerts and  crusades.  This made life a lot easier for him to have his family with him during the summers.  The Bernard family traveled in the bus and sang in many of the concerts and crusades.   He is invited to be guest soloist of the Pastors Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This put him before many new Pastors and the invitations increased.  It was this year that Robyn was chosen as Homecoming Queen of Spring High School in Spring, Texas.  A long-time friend of the Bernard family, Dr. Ed Driscoll walked Robyn out upon the football field to receive her crown. 

1978 - The booking agent, Greta Stuart personally knew the Senator from Mississippi and she arranged for Jerry and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet to sing for the Feb. 4th Presidential National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. when Mr. Jimmy Carter entered into his second year as president.  Jerry travels with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet for a few months.  He replaces James Blackwood in the "Master's Five Quartet" for a few concerts.  

1979 - Jerry becomes Vice President of the Southern Baptist Evangelists Conference.  The traveling was getting to be a little too much.  Jerry was taking more time off for study.  It seemed as though some of what Jerry heard being preached from pulpits across the Nation was not what the Scripture actually taught.  This drove him further into research and study.  Jerry increased the Concert Tours with the help of Greta Stuart..

1981 - Jerry was nominated Best Male Singer by the Gospel Music Association in Nashville, TN.  His studies increase.  More time is spent at home in research in theology and archeology.

1982 - 1984 - Jerry decides to gather all his study notes and start writing.  He publishes a monthly paper, "The Round Table," where he explains on paper what he had learned about "the arrival of Christ in C. E. 70."  He could not find many that would agree with him.  However, this paper was sent out to about 400 people at his first mailing.  This study group grew to around 900 in the next few years.  Sorting out his research notes (to send his mailing list) took more time than Jerry expected.  He thought it would be easy to put his thoughts down.  At first it was laborious, trying to create the right questions with brief answers. 

1985 - 1989 - Evangelism in fundamental ranks began to slow down.  These years were very hard for the Full Time Evangelist.  Jerry is now conducting around twenty eight meetings a year.  This was a real test for many young men who felt that they were called to the ministry of Evangelism.  Jerry started making plans to sell his home in Houston and move to California.  The Churches in California were struggling to exist.  It was in Jerry's plans to help out in any way he could.  When he moved to California, the churches did not invite Jerry to hold meetings for them.  California was too far from the Eastern States where Jerry had held most of his meetings.  So, the invitations in the East stopped.  Traveling in Evangelism for Jerry was over.

A Change of Lifestyle 

1990 - With two daughters in the Industry of Television in Hollywood, the Bernards move to California.  Now, they all live in the same area.  Gaylon and Jerry are eating lunch at Jerry's Deli when a Film Director came over to their table and asked Jerry if he was an actor.  Jerry said yes and the Director said, "You remind me of a minister and I need a man to play the part in my film.  Jerry was cast in a film, "Another Chance" directed by Roger Cameras.  It was about a man who went to heaven and God gave him another chance on earth to make it right the second time.  After the film finished, Jerry acquired his SAG card and starts acting class under the style of Milton Katselas and continues classes for the next six years.  

Gaylon purchases the oldest home in Palmdale, CA and opens an antique store.  She names her antique store, "Scarlett Ribbons."  Robyn takes time off from her busy schedule and is in charge of painting the old home to look authentic and antique.  The store does pretty well for the next few years.    

Jerry retires from full time evangelism and joins the board of Scripture Research, Inc. to continue his writing.  He publishes a new monthly paper, "The Examiner."  This paper had a readership of 900 and soon developed into an Internet Bible Study Group.  The questions were pouring in from everywhere.  This new paper was a spontaneous response to his readership.  Many others were becoming Preterists (holding to a Realized Eschatology). 

1991 - This year, Jerry is cast in two TV Films of the week, "Frankenstine's College Years" (directed by Tom Shadyac) and "Doll Bonner" (directed by Glen Larson) and the TV Sitcom, "Wings."

Jerry is pictured on the set of Wings with Crystal and the Director with Extras in the background.

1993 - Jerry is cast as a preacher in the film, "Love and Happiness" directed by Jordan Allen.  Then the Director, Laurence Starkman invited Jerry to play the part of a Preacher in the film, "Whit and Charm."  This year, Jerry performs in three theatres, in three plays, "All That He Was" (Musical) at the Tamarind Theatre, directed by Jay Floyd; "Wild Hearts" (Western - pictured playing poker) at the Venue Theatre, directed by Allison Liddi and "Dylan" (Drama) at the Skylight Theatre, directed by Robert Walden.  

Scarlett was also very busy this year and finished working in her fourth TV film.  

1994 - Scarlett gives birth to a beautiful baby girl (Ashlynn) and Angelique graduates from Baylor University to begin work at a Recording Label ("3:33 Music Group") in Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  Jerry is cast in the Western Movie of the Week, "Siringo," directed by Kivin Cremmin.  In his spare time, Jerry begins to publish his first pocket size book, "The Sign of the Second Coming."  Three more are to come in the next few years.  Bible Students begin to question the idea that the Biblical Jew was cut off and totally lost his identity in CE 70.  Jerry wrote his second pocket size book, "The Semite of the Second Century" in order to let his readers know who the modern Rabbinic Jew was.  It was strange for people to hear that Abraham was not a Jew so, some of Jerry's friends ask him to write on when the Biblical Jew began.  Jerry wrote his third pocket size book, "The Source of Judaism."  These three books became so popular that Jerry began to offer them over the Internet.  You can order them today by writing Jerry.  Then the book, "The Silence of Christianity on Trial" was written.

1995 - Jerry is cast in another USA Movie of the Week, "As Good As Dead," directed by Larry Cohen.

1997 - Crystal goes on tour after she records her first Country CD.  Gaylon and Jerry back her up during the concerts.  Here, they are singing together as they did each night of the tour across America.  After this tour, the family recorded a Gospel CD entitled, "My Friend."  Angelique was brought in to do some back up work on the production.  David Rhyne is music director on both of Crystal's CDs and the family's.  This was the 18th musical CD project for Jerry.

1998 - 2003 - These five years bring a lot of happiness to the Bernard family.  The family is together most of the time and they travel to vacation spots together.  Jerry is spending a lot of time with The Bible Study Group on the Internet.  It is growing each week. 

Through the Years

Jerry has held over 2,000 crusades and concerts.  Around 80 meetings were City Wide Crusades.  He appeared daily on the Sunday morning Channel 39 TV "Morning Show" in Houston, TX.;  appeared each week on WHMB-TV in Indianapolis, IN.;  appeared each week on WHFT-TV 45 in Hollywood, FL.;  appeared weekly on WHME-TV 46 in South Bend, IN.; appeared weekly on 105 cable TV shows across America.  He was honored to be MC for the Awards Banquet of the Nashville Quartet Convention.  He was invited by the president of the Evangelical Christians-Baptist of USSR in Moscow, USSR, Mr. Andrei E. Klimendo to preach and sing for the Baptist Christians throughout Russia.

Robyn and Crystal traveled with Jerry to many crusades to sing special music.  James Robison invited them to accompany him in his citywide crusades.  Later, Crystal was cast in the role of KC in the sitcom, "Happy Days."  She then went on to "Its A Living" sitcom (as Amy) and then "Wings" sitcom (as Helen).  Robyn was cast in the daily TV soap, "General Hospital" (as Terry).  Both ladies have done several films and were featured on other TV sitcoms.


Dr. Bernard is doing a lot of repairing things these days.  One major goal for him is to restore old truths that have been forgotten or neglected through the years.  Jerry does all his research in the Library in the Palms Research Center, located in Glendale, California.  Jerry has received a Doctorate of Literature and Doctorate of Philology from Scripture Institute in Indiana.  Also, Jerry received a Doctorate of Philosophy from a Christian University in Louisiana.  

Contact Jerry by email at:  biblestudy@jerrybernard.com


Prayerfully consider supporting this ministry.  Your tax deductible gifts will help distribute books, Gospel Music and printed study materials through this Web Site on the Internet and Bible Conferences.   Thanks, we are now...

Scarlett is feeding Dr. Bernard's horse with a carrot.  Scarlett and her daughter, Ashlynn just finished riding over the mountain seen in the background.  We live on top of a mountain and have deer and little fawns that stay around our home all of the time.  They come from over the other side of the mountain that we live on and stay until dark.  They have eaten most of our flowers, tinder leaves on bottom limbs of our fruit trees and the soft tender grass near our kitchen window.  Our dog, Tyler is very old and is like a big fat, gentle bear... waddling over the property and watching all the other animals as they pass by.

What was left out of this story? 

by Ed Driscoll (Fast Eddie)

I am pictured here with Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard, taking a break from the ghetto and our ride through California and Oregon.  In order to see Jerry's site, I downloaded and installed Macromedia Shockwave Flash Player version 5.0.  Everything started working finally, and then hours later when I did get to the rest of his page, I realized I had already seen that picture of him standing by the motorcycle.  I took it.  Seriously, I really enjoyed reading Jerry's bio and seeing the other pictures.  By the way, who was that guy in the black and white picture, with all the tassels on his jacket, straight out of a Marlon Brando movie?  

Jerry, you did leave out a few things in your bio, though.  Like riding the Cushman off the bridge at Baylor; the go-kart racing on the empty parking lots; painting the inside of a tractor trailer pink for Joe Boyd's nursery at the tent church on Spencer Hiway; the recording business you and I started (until "what's-his-name made off with the equipment) where we went anywhere at the drop of a hat (Have Ampex Recorder, Will Travel) -- even in a Louisiana hurricane, hundreds of miles from home!  I can still see you in the living room of Mama and Daddy's house playing "Here Comes The Bride" on the neighbor's little toy organ at my wedding.  How about your first (yellow) Cadillac, which you drove all the way from the east coast to Houston without the benefit of license plates, a title, or an inspection sticker?  Then you picked me up in it and we drove it to Dallas (and all over the city) in the same condition, and then five hours, back to Houston.  And while we were in Dallas at the Southern Baptist Convention, I filled you up with barbecue in the middle of a marathon recording session and you came back and sang as good as ever, all night long, if I remember right.  By the way, I never told you that I didn't like that guy who recorded you at Rainbow studios--he made me mad during the session with some critical comment about your voice--and he probably didn't like me either, after I gave him a what-for about his remarks.  Do you remember when I asked Dan Sampson to have you and the girls (Robyn and Crystal) to sing at big First Baptist of Pasadena?  I thought it would be a good deal for you, until Dan told me afterwards that he had only given you $75 bucks.  Then the time, comes to mind, when my whole family was enroot up Hiway 45 to my grandfather's funeral and I decided, on the spur of the moment, to detour down Farm Road 1960 to your house; Gaylon promptly packed you up and sent you off with us to sing at his service.  That really meant a lot to us.  Every time I go by your old neighborhood up there on Farm Road 1960, I get another flash back of some real good times.  I'm glad to have been in your life.  CU later Rev., Ed

(Ed Driscoll is a professional photographer in Houston, Texas.  His action pictures were used on many of Jerry's album covers through the years.  After all these years, Ed and Jerry are still riding motorcycles together.)

Millennium Riders 

Ken Seifert (BABC); Joey Berry (Peacemaker); Ken Brown (Slider); Ken Wesson (Mr. Safe); Dennis Yaworski (Doc); Ben Smith (Long Rider); Ray Woodburn (Pace Setter); Jesse Patterson (Iron Butt); Rick Lisk (Vet); Freddie Roberts (Joker); Mark Flaum (Pirate); Carleton Spears (Smuggler); Al Leissner (Camo); Doug Nelson (Navy 05); Ken Vaughn (Preacher); Ed Driscoll (Fast Eddie); Jerry Bernard (Rev); Ronnie Carlton (Pipes); Randy Drake (Wino); Billy Bamore (Billy Bo).  These guys are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Accountants, Business Men, Professional Photographers, Ministers, Technicians, Joke tellers, Really big eaters, Pretty good riders, and some just plain good ol' boys.  You have to hear these boys talk about the ride through California and Oregon this past year.  No one tells the same story.  Lot of them deny the stories 'bout themselves.  Somebody has got to be lying about the trip.  Cause what they say 'bout Fast Eddie is certainly not true.  He did not eat that much and fall down very many times on his bike.  We did keep the speed down to about 60.  We could not have had that much fun!  Look out, we may be coming your way next year. 

Special Note:   Inside the group of the Millennium Riders there is a small counsel that controls the affairs of the world.  They ride the wind and are the elite of wind breakers.  They ride their scooters through storms, rain, snow and sunshine.  They are a secret group that are called by the proletariat, "The Out House Gang."  Why?  It is where they spend their time when they are not riding the wind on the road.  


This concludes the first half of the story so far.  But, I'll bet that there is much more than these 67 years.  I have only slept 24,445 nights.  Or in other words, I've slept about 199,000 hours of my life.  My heart has pumped about 58,000,000 gallons of blood.  I didn't count them.  But, my heart had beaten about 2,786,940,800 times.  I've had about 100,000 laughs and about that many meals in my life.  I have discovered that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.  It has been good to know that the millions of sins I have regretfully committed are all forgiven.  That is because of the death, entombment and resurrection ascension and parousia of Jesus Christ.  And I am singing in the reign, Jerry

Angelique is the fourth daughter of Jerry and Gaylon Bernard.  She created and maintains the www.JerryBernard.com Web Site.  If you visit us often, you will find small changes for improving your knowledge of the Bernard family and ministries..  Angelique is a graduate of Baylor University and is presently living in California.  She has also created the www.CrystalBernard.com Web Site plus many other Web Sites.

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